Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Whew. It has been a crazy few weeks. Thankfully Desiree came to the rescue again and nominated me for a Liebster award.



Can every post be in question and answer format? Just kidding. Sorta.

Anyway, on to Desiree's questions (by the way, such great questions):


What is the one book you believe everyone must read? Hmm...this is a hard one! I think everyone should read all of the books!!! Haha. But I really think that you should at least try one of every genre. Be well read. Even if you don't enjoy reading (I don't get you if you don't enjoy reading), it will give you something to talk about at dinner parties (I say that like I frequent dinner parties. I don't.).


If there were 25 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra 60 minutes? Spend 60 glorious minutes just playing with Clay. No meal times, no bathtimes, no breathing treatments. Just us. Just having fun.

To date, what blog post of yours is your favorite, and why? The Story of Us. It was the first part in my story of Clay Lucas and our non-traditional life.

What is the one thing you would love to tell your 16 year old self? Stop analyzing stuff so much. Wait, I need to tell my 28 year old self that...

As moms it is sometimes difficult to carve out 'me' time. What is one thing you love to do just for you? I take bubble baths with either a book or Netflix on the ipad. I try for every Tuesday and Thursday night (Wednesday and Friday are my late morning days). At first I felt so guilty for carving out this time, but as a mom there is always going to be something and as much as I want to, I can't do everything. So twice a week I take a time out and enjoy myself.

Where is your dream vacation destination? Ireland. Hands down.

What is the best mommy moment you've experienced thus far? Every evening when I pick Clay up, his face just lights up. Everything just stops for a minute and I'm reunited with my favorite person ever.

A guilty pleasure: On the weekends Clay usually gets up ridiculously early so when he does, I give him milk, put him in my bed, and turn on Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the ipad. Mama likes her sleep.

Favorite app: Instagram. Hands down. I rarely check facebook anymore, but when I have a spare minute, I go to IG first. Less talk. More pictures.

What is something your readers may not know about you? I usually have a book with me. I mean, you never know when you'll get stuck in the kind of traffic where you just turn your car off and chill (true story, it's happened to me before).

Share a favorite picture of your little one with YOU in the picture too.



This was taken right after I finished my first (and hopefully not last) half marathon. Part of the reason I run is for Clay. I want to stay healthy so I can be around to run around with his grandkids. I also want him to grow up knowing that exercise is important!


I'm breaking the rules and instead of nominating 11 bloggers I have two questions for you all that you can just answer in the comments :)


What is your favorite go-to quick meal?

Have you done your monthly breast exam? Really, have you?


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Anonymous said...

Spaghetti and yes I felt myself up just the other day! :)

Desiree Macke said...

Crock pot chicken tacos. We have those bad boys every single week, without fail.
Just gave the girls a good squeeze.
And, I need your "me" time routine - just throw in a glass (hell, maybe a bottle), and call it a day! :)