Tuesday, April 1, 2014

19 months...what???

How long is it okay to keep doing monthly updates? Til Kindergarten? High school graduation? Haha...but really, I like doing them and since I'm way behind on any sort of scrapbooking, I like that I have all of these memories down somewhere.



The format of these updates is changing slowly. When he was younger I liked having the update on clothing sizes, new foods, new words; but now that Clay is getting older I'm changing this to more of a list of things I want to remember from each month.


Dear pumpkin butt,

This month has been crazy. Allergy season hit, then your dad ruptured his bursa (just google it) in his knee and has been on the injured list. "Normal" life has basically been non-existent this month but you've taken it like a champ.



You've put up with me dressing you in crazy things (like the gown you wore right after you were born) and you've smiled through the whole thing. Okay, okay, maybe there were tears when I tried to get it over your head but they quickly subsided.




You're well on your way to becoming the best dressed kid at daycare. Speaking of daycare, you are rocking it. Everyday when I drop you off, your teachers talk about what a sweet little boy you are. You just started transitioning up to the next classroom and I've heard nothing but compliments on how well you're doing.




Someone (ahem, grandma), taught you how to fist bump and sometimes you feel the need to blow on your fist first. She didn't teach you that part so I haven't a clue where you learned that.




Friday nights have turned into pizza + dinner before dessert + a movie nights. I kinda like it.




It has gotten increasingly hard to take your picture lately because once you see me pull out my phone or camera, you have to see what is going on so a lot of pictures are taken in selfie mode. Gosh, we're a bunch of weirdos. LOVE IT.




And then there's this. Back in the day I would do my grocery shopping while you were at your dad's. These days you enjoy going so I actually wait until I can go with you. Everything is always fine and dandy... til we get to the checkout at Trader Joe's and you see the chocolate. If you got nothing else from me, you definitely got my love of chocolate. You rarely have meltdowns in public, but if you are having one, you can bet that we're in TJ's and I'm refusing to get chocolate. I should probably note that I gave in after the above picture was taken because that Cowboy bark intrigued me. For the record, it was delicious.




And then there's your bedtime habits. One of us rocks you for a few minutes then puts you in your crib. It usually takes you anywhere from 15-60 minutes to get settled down and go to sleep. Sometimes you spend this time just rolling around, sometimes you spend it singing (my favorite). Recently you went through a phase where you would pick a friend up, give it kisses, then throw it overboard. As soon as the last one went over you would lay down and pass out. I mean, who needs tv when you have a video monitor?


And just in case you thought you were off the hook, I've got a Dear Future Girlfriend post coming up.


I love you so much pumpkin butt!




Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I still find myself wondering from time to time where Little K learned something. I'm convinced she catches brief moments of something happening on the TV in the background and then starts doing it.

Desiree Macke said...

I've wondered how long is 'acceptable' to do monthly updates. I think they're ok until the kids are about 30. Years.
Your Friday nights kind of rock. I think we need to take a page from your book and have a designated pizza night!
Happy 19 months Clay!!