Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Googled What??

If you've ever been around me for more than 2.5 seconds, you know that I'm slightly obsessed with Googling. Proof:


Yes, there are days when I do 21+ searches a day. In my defense sometimes when I start typing in a website the google search suggestion pops up so I just go that route. Still, it's a lot of Googling. Here are some searches I've done:


Yellow sponge growing in Redheaded cactus plant. Guys, it's mold. Why did I have to Google that?


What aisle are chia seeds found on? This was really hard to find the answer for, so with the vitamins and supplements. You're welcome. *I mean, would it have been so hard to just ask an actual person?*


Lady Gaga's boyfriend. Because he's hot and I never remember his name. Go ahead, Google him. I'll wait here. See, I told you. H.O.T.


How to find your Google search history. Google.com/history


Why does my body itch when I run? TMI, I know.


Roy G. Biv I legitimately had no clue what this was. Or what SMH meant. Sigh.


(Insert name of movie/tv show) I have to know the ending and what's going to happen next.


History of zip codes. I'm a freak and when I get something stuck in my head, I must research it. I spent a whole afternoon at work (oops) learning everything you ever wanted to know about zip codes.


Countless searches about poop, spit up, rashes. I'll spare you the details. Google is a mom's best and worst friend.


What do Canadians call Canadian bacon? Peameal bacon. And they call bacon "bacon." What??


Chemistry cross stitch patterns. I'm a grandma.


How to rescue an earring from the drain. So. Easy. I should do a tutorial that isn't written in man speak.


Mailing a Bessie. Okay, I have no clue why I searched for this. I just found it on my search history. Thoughts?



What are some weird things you've Googled? Any obsessive Googlers put there? Don't forget to linkup below!



Monday, July 14, 2014




...thinking if this picture is cool enough for Kelli's picture practice "cold" linkup.


...drinking that coffee up there. Made fresh this morning in my French press, shaken with creamer and ice, chilled in the fridge until I needed it for an afternoon pick me up. Guys. I might be in love.


...wondering why I couldn't fall asleep and only slept 4 hours last night.


...planning a certain cutie pie's birthday party. Tractors and farm animals anyone?


...eating nothing because I'm trying not to snack all day, every day like I normally do.


...excited that I finally started running again!


...wearing running clothes. Because if I can, why not? Real clothes are uncomfortable and life's too short for that.


...reading the latest James Patterson book.


...watching Chuck. I finished Scandal so I had to find a new series to binge on. I'm pretty happy with this decision so far.


...stressing about the busy July/August we have coming up. Housesitting, two trips to Tennessee, two Clay baby birthday parties, a trip to the zoo, a baptism, a big announcement, two checkups for Clay (and hoping everything got put on the calendar).


...hating that Clay is teething. It's the worst.


...crafting a cross stitch periodic table for my cousin. At this rate it will be a nice Christmas present.


...hoping you'll linkup with us tomorrow for I Googled What and share the ridiculous things you've googled!


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I confess...

...that I finally deleted a bunch of blogs that I followed on Bloglovin (that I never read) and it feels so freeing to not have 600 unread posts if I skip a few days of reading.

...that I haven't ran since February (maybe?). My schedule changed in January and my "running time" went out the window. Once it cools off maybe I'll start running with Clay a couple days a week.

...that almost everyday after work, I open Scout (my gps app), and search for the quickest way home. I loathe traffic.

...that Amy and I are working on a top-secret (not-so-secret) project and I can't wait to share! Look for that announcement in a couple of weeks.

...that the number of servings on my creamer says 32 and I get maybe 16 servings out of the bottle.

...that I'm almost done watching all three seasons of Scandal for the third (maybe fourth?) time. Whatever. I'm addicted and Friends isn't on Netflix or I would binge on it.

...that this isn't the first time I've done confessions on Wednesdays but it is the first time that I've remembered to link up with Kathy.

...that I use Google way too much. Watching a movie? Google the ending. Suddenly become curious about the history of zip codes? Google it. How long to cook bacon in the oven? Google.

...that in the spirit of that last confession, I have an announcement to make: Jessica, Kelli, and myself will be hosting a linkup next Tuesday (July 15th) where you get to share with us all the crazy stuff you've googled! Grab the button below and get ready to share!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A July 4th Story

*please don't die of shock that I'm recapping our July 4th before Halloween :)


Our long holiday started on Thursday at 4 when I grabbed Clay from grandma's and we booked it out to the Whitewater Center. I was expecting a ton of traffic but we managed to get there right before the slew of people! And we were lucky enough to get a spot right by the hardest turn in the water! The rest of Thursday was spent there, with friends and food and people/storm watching. Then, right before the fireworks were supposed to start, the rain came. We hightailed it out of there only to have it stop as we reached the parking lot so we just watched the fireworks from there. My new favorite memory is watching Clay experience fireworks for the first time. He was so excited! (There's a video on my Instagram.)



Then we drove 40 minutes home and guess who was still wide awake? Not this girl for sure. Needless to say, Clay didn't go to bed til midnight.



Our July 4th went like this: sleep in, pool, nap, hotdogs, pool, movie, hotdogs. So you know, basically the best 4th of July ever! I somehow managed to get Clay in bed by 11 then passed out myself shortly after.


The next thing I know it's 11:30 on Saturday morning and Clay is still asleep. What?? Did he turn into a teenager already? Saturday and Sunday we stayed at home all day both days and did a whole lot of nothing. And it was glorious!


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Picture Practice- Independence Day!

So do you guys remember that one time I posted all those adorable July 4th pictures of Clay? And the time I realized on Sunday night that I had not one super amazing Independence Day picture to share the next day?


Yeah. About that.


All of the pictures from my camera were blurry. Because when you're having fun and surrounded by friends, taking amazing pictures and making sure your lens is free of Clay fingerprints is pretty low on the list of stuff to do.


I did, however, have some pictures from the holiday I loved on my phone so I'll just share them!




This picture just looks like July 4th to me. Post pool, ketchup everywhere, hot dogs. Just livin the life.




And this picture is the result of me baking bread at midnight. Then deciding I needed to stage a picture with my Uncle Sam nutcracker and Trader Joe's flowers in the background. Who needs sleep anyway? Hahahaha.




So this picture is blurry but I'm in love with it. I took it when we were walking back from an impromptu trip to TCBY that pushed bedtime back an hour and gave me mom of the year status.


I can't wait to see everybody else's pictures!



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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!









Yes, I'm back to blogging. A holiday is the right day to come back, no? Haha, anyway, see you on Monday! I have a couple of fun announcements coming :)


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