Monday, July 14, 2014




...thinking if this picture is cool enough for Kelli's picture practice "cold" linkup.


...drinking that coffee up there. Made fresh this morning in my French press, shaken with creamer and ice, chilled in the fridge until I needed it for an afternoon pick me up. Guys. I might be in love.


...wondering why I couldn't fall asleep and only slept 4 hours last night.


...planning a certain cutie pie's birthday party. Tractors and farm animals anyone?


...eating nothing because I'm trying not to snack all day, every day like I normally do.


...excited that I finally started running again!


...wearing running clothes. Because if I can, why not? Real clothes are uncomfortable and life's too short for that.


...reading the latest James Patterson book.


...watching Chuck. I finished Scandal so I had to find a new series to binge on. I'm pretty happy with this decision so far.


...stressing about the busy July/August we have coming up. Housesitting, two trips to Tennessee, two Clay baby birthday parties, a trip to the zoo, a baptism, a big announcement, two checkups for Clay (and hoping everything got put on the calendar).


...hating that Clay is teething. It's the worst.


...crafting a cross stitch periodic table for my cousin. At this rate it will be a nice Christmas present.


...hoping you'll linkup with us tomorrow for I Googled What and share the ridiculous things you've googled!


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Anonymous said...

The picture is perfect for my link up!

Which James Patterson book are you reading?

Desiree Macke said...

I literally live in my running clothes. "Real" clothes are saved for the weekends when I can shower before 8PM.

I so want to link up tomorrow, but I google the most boring stuff, ever.