Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A July 4th Story

*please don't die of shock that I'm recapping our July 4th before Halloween :)


Our long holiday started on Thursday at 4 when I grabbed Clay from grandma's and we booked it out to the Whitewater Center. I was expecting a ton of traffic but we managed to get there right before the slew of people! And we were lucky enough to get a spot right by the hardest turn in the water! The rest of Thursday was spent there, with friends and food and people/storm watching. Then, right before the fireworks were supposed to start, the rain came. We hightailed it out of there only to have it stop as we reached the parking lot so we just watched the fireworks from there. My new favorite memory is watching Clay experience fireworks for the first time. He was so excited! (There's a video on my Instagram.)



Then we drove 40 minutes home and guess who was still wide awake? Not this girl for sure. Needless to say, Clay didn't go to bed til midnight.



Our July 4th went like this: sleep in, pool, nap, hotdogs, pool, movie, hotdogs. So you know, basically the best 4th of July ever! I somehow managed to get Clay in bed by 11 then passed out myself shortly after.


The next thing I know it's 11:30 on Saturday morning and Clay is still asleep. What?? Did he turn into a teenager already? Saturday and Sunday we stayed at home all day both days and did a whole lot of nothing. And it was glorious!


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Kelli @Just Beachy said...

I WISH Little K would sleep until 11:30 just one day!

I didn't realize the Whitewater Center did 4th of July stuff, fun!

Desiree Macke said...

Your 4th sounds like absolute PERFECTION!!
Please have Clay share sleeping in tips with Marcus. NO MATTER how late Marcus stays up he is ALWAYS up by 6:30. Oy.

Katie @ yellowmangolife.blogspot.com said...

Haha 11:30 sleeping in? Oh my give me some of that!! Seriously Cruz would just be up at his normal time...even if he did go to bed after midnight =)