Monday, November 25, 2013

15 months

Yikes! I just realized that I forgot to do a 14 month update on Clay so we will just skip ahead to 15 months which is this Thursday.

I know I've said this before and I am a little biased, but Clay is an exceptionally happy and social kid (most of the time). Like sometimes I'm confused because Mike and I definitely aren't extremely happy (read: peppy) or social people... And some how I gave birth to a morning person. Gasp. Haha.

Since Clay's last update we have an official diagnosis of toddler asthma and if things don't improve in two months the doctor wants to run tests, including one for cystic fibrosis. For now I'm just going to pray like crazy that it is just toddler asthma.

We've also found Clay a new daycare. We went for a visit last Friday and fell in love! As of now he'll be starting there after Christmas break. Yayyyyy!


Clay's favorite toys are... His rocket ship that he pushes around instead of riding, his huge stuffed dog Oppie, and the big Legos.

Clay's favorite foods are bananas and pasta. The kid eats everything though.

Clay's clothing size is... 12-18 months but he's wearing a few 24 months.

Clay's newest "tricks" are barking, walking, trying to run, playing peekaboo, testing my patience (haha, but really), giving high fives, and opening doors to closets.

Clay weight and height are: 25ish and 31ish? Does that sound right? Haha. We go for a checkup next week.

Clay's vocabulary consists of: everything. He basically tries to repeat everything you say. The most common things out of his mouth are: all done, what's that, outside, and dada (of course).

Clay loves music and dancing, talking on the phone, facetiming, watching football, reading, giving hugs and kisses, being in public, smiling, and getting into mischief.

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Hooray for Monday and a giveaway!

Okay, maybe not really hooray for Monday, but this is a three day work week for me. And by three day work week I mean two half days and a full day so I think that qualifies for a hooray for Monday!

This weekend was just what we needed before the rush of the holidays starts. Well, minus the fever that Clay had half of the weekend. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Anywho, on Saturday Liz came over for a girls' morning (because we're too lame to stay up late) and I finally finished sorting through Clay's old clothes. Then we ran errands to my two favorite stores: Target and Michael's. We made so many laps around Target that I'm surprised baby Carter didn't decide to join the world on Saturday. Plus I found one last case of the Blue Moon Harvest variety pack. Best trip ever? Yes. Yes, it was.

Then Saturday afternoon the fever hit. The 102 degree baby shivering fever. Things were not pretty. We had to call in reinforcements (a.k.a. Dada), but we made it!

Then on Sunday we went to Target and Michael's again. Because who am I to deny Clay a trip to his favorite store?? Haha...

After that it was time for football and making Thanksgiving treats.

And more football. Clay was pretty excited that the Cowboys won because that meant his teams were 3-0 for the day.

Then even more football and Christmas crafting.

Sadly, our night ended with a fever and Peyton losing. It's okay Peyton, I still love you!!

Gosh, we don't like football around here or anything...


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Caffeine may or may not have been involved in the writing of this post.


Friday, November 22, 2013


Remind me next time I run a half to just take the entire next week off from life. My feet are still killing me (you know, maybe because I didn't train at all). Anywho, here are my favorite things from the past week:

Obviously, my favorite thing from this past week was that I actually finished the half. There was walking involved, but I still finished! Race recap next week!

This is from Clay's Thanksgiving lunch at daycare...the faces are from the ridiculousness going on at daycare. Never fear though, we're going to visit a new center in the morning that dada has already vetted.

On Monday Clay and I got to go out to eat with Amy. As usual, Clay was crazy. In a mostly well-behaved fun way. Anyway, it was my first trip to Firebirds since the night before I had Clay and it was delicious! Half priced wine, a filet, and salted caramel brownies. Oh, gosh. I'm drooling.

Wednesday mornings have become like a Sunday midweek for us lately...except this past Wednesday. Clay had several leaks of the #1 and #2 variety. It was a mad house here but that's our life and he gets so excited to take a bath that it was like a treat for him.

I love the conversations that I have with my cousin Rachel. Yes, Clay does get it honest because we are a little crazy. Isn't life more fun that way though?


Happy weekend!!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall into the GAP

For Clay's birthday back in August, I asked for clothes for him and he definitely racked up on some pretty sweet pieces from GAP and now that it's actually fall in North Carolina, he can wear them! I already shared one outfit here but I wanted to share my other favorites today.

I'm obsessed with those jeans. They are the softest jeans I've ever felt AND they have the adjustable waistband on the inside which is perfect for my tall skinny toddler!

GAP pjs are definitely our favorites! Aunt Amy got Clay two pair and I love that they don't ride up at night.

That raincoat? I die. Everytime he wears it.

Maybe I'm a little biased, but he's definitely the best dressed kid at daycare! I'm just trying to soak up this time while I can because I know there will come a day when he starts picking out his own clothes. :(

GAP is definitely my number two store for finding Clay's clothes (because you just can't beat Target)!

What's your go-to store for kids clothes?


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm a weirdo...and I'm okay with that.

1. I'm a mug hoarder.

There. I admit it. I own 20+ mugs but I rotate them so I use them all. Yes, it might be a borderline addiction. I also like to take pictures of said mugs...

2. I have to make my bed every day.

Okay, I don't have to, but if I don't I just feel anxious and out of wack all day. The same goes for leaving toys on the floor. I have to pick up all of the toys before bed. I just can't leave them.

3. I have to sleep with an eye mask.

Not to block out light. For you know, pressure on my eyes. I just don't know how to explain it. I'm a weirdo.

4. I hate snow.

There, I said it and I won't take it back! I like looking at snow and I'll like playing in the snow with Clay maybe once a year. Other than that? Keep it. Who actually enjoys being cold and wet? And driving in it? No way! I also strongly dislike winter. Good things about winter: fireplaces, boots, Christmas.

5. I want to attempt a handmade Christmas.

Well, except for the kitchen I want to get Clay. Other than that, it's all getting made by me. Michael's can thank me for all the business they're about to get from me. There are a few things I'm going to buy that are handmade by others on etsy but that still counts, right??

Okay, that's enough sharing for today!

Have a happy Wednesday and remember: Scandal comes on in one day!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Clay,

Dear Clay Lucas,

I know when I write these letters I'm usually a big ole sap but today I wanted to share some practical advice with you:

  • Express is the only place you'll find jeans to fit your small waist and long legs. Trust me.

  • Hold doors open for people whenever you can (especially the ladies and elderly and kids- ok, everybody).

  • Always say your pleases and thank yous. Always.

  • Go to your dad right now (if you haven't already), and let him teach you to cook. Especially his dirty quesadillas. Don't be the guy who eats Ramen til he gets married.

  • Always help your friends when they need help moving. You never know when you'll be the one needing help.

  • When you get married, dust the baseboards for your wife. It will rock her world.

  • Make sure you wash your hands at least three times after using Vick's (especially before using the bathroom).

And don't ever forget, I love you so so so much, pumpkin butt!



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Monday, November 11, 2013

Turning goals into wishes?

Why am I turning my goals into wishes? Because I'm in a rut with goals and wishes just puts a new party dress on the whole thing.

I'm gonna start with one small wish...

To get into a sleep routine.

My problem is that I am always exhausted in the mornings. I would love to be one of those people who got up, worked out, packed lunches, got ready, and saved the world before Clay woke up but I'm just not.

I pack our lunches and do as much as possible the night before so basically the only things I have to do in the morning are: get us ready, make coffee, give Clay a breathing treatment.

It never fails, I am always rushing out the door in the morning. Luckily I have a job where I can be a little flexible with my start time but I hate the rushed feeling.

So my wish this week is to feel more rested so I actually get up when my alarm goes off!

Here's the plan:

(Also part of this wish is to feel less stressed and slow down and enjoy life more. Happy Jessica= more sleep.)

Stop doing "chores" at 8:30pm. No matter what.

Who cares if there's another load of laundry to fold or a dish in the sink? Even if my home isn't perfect it's full of love and laughter. Okay, so this will be a hard one for me, but it will give me much needed me time.

No caffeine after 4pm.

Duh, Jessica.

Be in bed, reading, with iPad and phone OFF by 10pm.

It never fails. I go to bed early and end up on my phone or ipad and the next thing I know it's two hours later.

Get out of bed when my alarm goes off...and not just to hit snooze.

All week, up at six. I can do this.

Okay, so that's my wish and my plan to make my wish come true :)

And since you read through allllll of that, I shall reward you:

After Clay's appointment at the allergist on Friday, we stopped by to see Liz at work and she was nice enough to snap some pictures for us and I love them!!


Friday, November 8, 2013

Guess what!

I finally got my act together and I'm scheduling this post on Thursday night. I know, I know, I should get too crazy.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen all of these (but definitely go follow if you aren't, you don't want to miss your daily Clay), but here are my favorite things about this week:

This picture. Those eyes. Those little fingers. He melts my heart. Also, kid knows how to rock a beanie (even though he hates it) and he apparently only owns things that are navy and green.

We finally made it to storytime because my schedule changed and it was great! Clay was a little leery at first but by the end he was dancing away and he couldn't wait to get his hands on the books after (just like his mama)! Seriously, stop what you're doing and go get a library card!

So many loves in this picture. Scarf. Sperry's. Tea. Leaves. Haaaappy girl :)

Tonight while dada was giving Clay a bath I just laid down on my dining room floor. Just to take a minute. Also, I'm in love with this wall. It's obviously not finished yet (I spy an empty hoop) but everytime I walk in the door it makes me so happy and warm.

It's back to clean eating for this girl and I am soooo happy about this. I took a couple of weeks off to clean out my freezer and because of this yucky sickness but Amy and I are back to the meal planning.

Have a great weekend!!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

High Five for Saturday: The Halloween Edition

I'm such a rebel this week so we're doing the weekly roundup on Saturday instead of Friday. In other words I chose a nap and episodes of Homeland instead of blogging.

Here are pictures from Clay's second Halloween:

Awwwww! It's a baby Yoda!

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