Monday, August 18, 2014

Potty training: the beginning...

We've been going back and forth about starting up potty training since Clay was about 18 months old. I put out the potty to get him "interested" when he started telling us he had pooped, like we didn't know what he was doing squatting in the corner... Then he started taking off his diaper (only lee diapers, praise The Lord)! But it's been mostly me wanting to jump into it and everybody else saying he's too young.


We've talked about the potty, he goes with us when we go, he says, "go potty," but when you put him on the potty? Tears. Floods of tears. So we tried a potty seat on the regular toilet. Same thing. Those tears. Big crocodile tears.


Finally I decided, around the time he turns two, we'll start getting serious. That's when he moves up to the 2's class at daycare and they start potty training then so it will be perfect timing. The plan was to do the three day boot camp where you do nothing but clean up pee and count down the hours til you get wine. There were a few problems with that plan:

  • We're never home for three days in a row and would be really hard to plan that.
  • We have all carpet except kitchen, entry, and bathrooms. Vomit.
  • It would basically be me doing this all day for three days and I would just hate for Mike to miss out (right...).


Then this weekend I realized we were low on diapers. I.hate.buying.diapers. So when Clay got up from his nap on Saturday, I said, "hey, Clay, do you want to wear your Elmo undies?" I'm 99% sure my child doesn't know what undies are but he certainly knew who Elmo was. On they went.


We played in the kitchen with his cars, we played with playdoh while he sat on an easily cleanable chair, he stood at his kitchen awhile. He pooped once but it was a solid one so I took it as a learning experience and we went to the potty and dumped it in and wiped and flushed and washed out hands. I thought for sure the pee was coming. Nope, not once until he went in his diaper before bed did he pee. I offered the potty. Tears. That little booger held his pee.



On Sunday we had an hour or so before we had to leave so I propped him up with water, fresh undies, and a waterproof pad to watch Planes. An hour later, dry underwear. Tears on the toilet. Then the whole day went south when Clay fought a nap for three hours. So obviously trying undies again was not on the agenda for Sunday.


So that's where we are.


My thoughts/questions: it's good that he can hold it and knows not to pee in his undies, but is that healthy? Should I load him up with juice and water next time so he has to go? How do we get over the crying on the potty?? HELP!


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Friday, August 15, 2014


Yes, contrary to the way it seems on this blog, we are alive. This summer has just been crazy. Crazy busy, crazy fun, crazy stressed. Anyway, now that life is taking a turn towards the slow times of fall, you'll be seeing us more! Sidetrack: am I the only person who thinks of fall as the "slow" season? You know, like just taking your time walking along, enjoying the sights and smells because you know winter is just around the corner. No? Just me? Okay then. On to today's post.


I usually like to keep these Friday posts as a kinda recap of the week, but instead we're going to talk about five things I've been doing instead of blogging:

  • Working. Working. Working. This doesn't really need much of an explanation. The kids are on summer break so while I've worked a lot, I've also spent my fair share of time at the pool so I'm not hating it too much.


  • Resting and reading. After a health scare (I really freaked out more than I should have) back in March, I was ordered to get more sleep/rest and eat healthy. Well, even after I was declared all better, I decided that maybe that's what this summer would be about and while it has had it's moments, I've definitely made it a point to have "me" time (you know, when a toddler isn't sneaking out of bed to interrupt my bubble bath :/).

  • Spending more time with Clay. We've went on some adventures, colored, talked, and watched Planes (the movie) 50 times and real planes once.


  • Planning Clay's birthday. After Clay's party last year, I decided I didn't want to do a big party this year, just our closest friends. Ha, whatever, Jess, you're funny. I listed all of our close friends. The invite list was identical to last year!


  • Opening an Etsy shoppe with Amy. Hopefully I'll have a full post about this up next week (with a giveaway!), but for now you can go here to visit the shoppe (we're still getting items listed!) and you should definitely click HERE and enter our Instagram giveaway.


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The Farmer's Wife






Friday, August 1, 2014


Speaking of TGIF, I really miss sitting on the floor on Friday nights eating popcorn and drinking Koolaid while watching Boy Meets World. Can that happen tonight instead of the laundry folding I have to do. Please?


Sigh, anyway, on to the five things that are making my heart happy right now:



1. Party planning for my little farmer. Doesn't he looked pumped about getting to sit on the tractor? You know, the tractor he doesn't stop talking about Luckily we finally got a couple of good ones I can use at his party. I'll be posting next week about what I've got planned but you can also keep up with the party planning over on my Instagram.



2. Amy and I finally picked a grand opening date for out etsy shoppe, Two Girls Craft Shoppe- next Monday! Until then you can check out our daily deals on our Instagram! And as a special deal for my blog readers, I'm extending the happy birthday banner special until next Monday! $10 shipped for your choice of colors (although I'm absolutely loving the blue, green, silver combo)!


3. Clay had an allergy/asthma checkup on Wednesday and he's down to one medicine daily and the other two are as needed. Wooooohoooo. Do you have any idea how hard it is to give a toddler a breathing treatment?


4. The weather here today hasn't gotten above 70 degrees. That's virtually unheard of for North Carolina in July/August and it makes me possibly the happiest person ever. Sweating so much it looks like I took a shower just from walking from the car to the store is not my idea of a fun time.


5. Umm, it's Friday! That's a good enough reason for me! Plus, I only have 2% left on my battery so I needed the shortest #5 ever!


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