Friday, August 1, 2014


Speaking of TGIF, I really miss sitting on the floor on Friday nights eating popcorn and drinking Koolaid while watching Boy Meets World. Can that happen tonight instead of the laundry folding I have to do. Please?


Sigh, anyway, on to the five things that are making my heart happy right now:



1. Party planning for my little farmer. Doesn't he looked pumped about getting to sit on the tractor? You know, the tractor he doesn't stop talking about Luckily we finally got a couple of good ones I can use at his party. I'll be posting next week about what I've got planned but you can also keep up with the party planning over on my Instagram.



2. Amy and I finally picked a grand opening date for out etsy shoppe, Two Girls Craft Shoppe- next Monday! Until then you can check out our daily deals on our Instagram! And as a special deal for my blog readers, I'm extending the happy birthday banner special until next Monday! $10 shipped for your choice of colors (although I'm absolutely loving the blue, green, silver combo)!


3. Clay had an allergy/asthma checkup on Wednesday and he's down to one medicine daily and the other two are as needed. Wooooohoooo. Do you have any idea how hard it is to give a toddler a breathing treatment?


4. The weather here today hasn't gotten above 70 degrees. That's virtually unheard of for North Carolina in July/August and it makes me possibly the happiest person ever. Sweating so much it looks like I took a shower just from walking from the car to the store is not my idea of a fun time.


5. Umm, it's Friday! That's a good enough reason for me! Plus, I only have 2% left on my battery so I needed the shortest #5 ever!


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Desiree Macke said...

Hey, there you are!!
Loving your shop items. Can't wait to see what else you roll out.

amy johnson said...

Can't wait to see the tractor party - I've thrown a couple myself for my mini farmers. I'm getting pretty good at the tractor cake now! :)
Thanks for linking up with me and Karli!!

Kelli @Just Beachy said...

Happy grand opening day!

Lindsey B said...

Looks like your little guy had a great time! And what a great banner!

Trish said...

I have a hard enough time just wiping my toddler's face. I can't imagine trying to do a breathing treatment. The things these monsters put us through ;-)