Friday, November 22, 2013


Remind me next time I run a half to just take the entire next week off from life. My feet are still killing me (you know, maybe because I didn't train at all). Anywho, here are my favorite things from the past week:

Obviously, my favorite thing from this past week was that I actually finished the half. There was walking involved, but I still finished! Race recap next week!

This is from Clay's Thanksgiving lunch at daycare...the faces are from the ridiculousness going on at daycare. Never fear though, we're going to visit a new center in the morning that dada has already vetted.

On Monday Clay and I got to go out to eat with Amy. As usual, Clay was crazy. In a mostly well-behaved fun way. Anyway, it was my first trip to Firebirds since the night before I had Clay and it was delicious! Half priced wine, a filet, and salted caramel brownies. Oh, gosh. I'm drooling.

Wednesday mornings have become like a Sunday midweek for us lately...except this past Wednesday. Clay had several leaks of the #1 and #2 variety. It was a mad house here but that's our life and he gets so excited to take a bath that it was like a treat for him.

I love the conversations that I have with my cousin Rachel. Yes, Clay does get it honest because we are a little crazy. Isn't life more fun that way though?


Happy weekend!!

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Mindy said...

Congrats on finishing the half! I'm stuck at 4.5 miles.....I really am not motivated to do more...

Desiree said...

Was this the longest week ever, or was that just me?
I can't wait to hear how the half went!! YAY!!! I need to find another one to run. My miles are suh-lack-ing!
Um, salted caramel brownies? Please excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my keyboard.
Happy Weekend!

Winter Benson said...

Great job on the half marathon!