Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Fridayyyyy

Five things that are making me very happy this week:

I joined this fantasy football league and there are still spaces open so get your hiney over there and sign up! Stat!

On Monday I was just having one of those days. The remedy? Splitting a cupcake with my little man on the kitchen floor. I know. I'm an awesome mom.

I've been celebrating the 28 days of Clay on my Instagram and it has been so hard to choose my favorites!

I'm opening an Instagram shop to sell Clay's old clothes! I debated on eBay vs Instagram and honestly what won me over (besides how much easier it is) was the community! Moms helping other moms out wins. (Shop here)

So what if I get a little bored in traffic?


Well, young bucks, it's off to dream land for me. I hope you've enjoyed this nice serving of randomness.

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Amanda @ Happily Ever After said...

That is a good idea to have a clothing sale! I have so many baby cloths I could sell!! I found your from the weekend blog hot! Im glad I did, new follower! :)

Sarah said...

I fully believe cupcake sharing makes you a candidate for mom of the year!

Gwendolyn T said...

I agree with the above. Sometimes as a mom, you gotta do what you gotta do. Cupcakes are tasty too!

Michael said...

Hey, hey! Thanks for linking up! Two things, I need your e-mail address and twitter name, if you have one. Cupcakes are good any time! He's a cutie.