Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Chase

Last week's run down:

  • Walk one day I did it! It was only a 15 minute walk but that's more than I've done in a few weeks so I'll count it! Plus I spent my Saturday afternoon walking around Ikea and the mall with my family so I've definitely got some good walking in this week!

[caption id="attachment_114" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Walking with the bump![/caption]

  • No eating out I did so well...til my family came to town. Haha. I completely forgot about my aunt and cousin (Rachel=awesomeness) coming when I made this goal ...but we only ate out for three of the meals so it wasn't too horrible.

  • Finish a book I haven't finished my book but I'm so close! It's at the top of my to do list for the night right after eating dinner so I should be done with it tonight!

  • Post Food Friday on time Did it! Check it out!

Goals for this week:

  • Paint my toenails I'm 38 weeks pregnant and pretty proud that I can still do this. Well, I think I can... It hasn't happened in a few weeks and I'd like to have pretty toes if I'm going to be waddling :)

  • Walk two days and do a pool workout  My foot is feeling better everyday so I want to up my goal a little every week...well for the next couple weeks til I deliver at least.

  • Finish a food plan for my friend Liz I am a horrible friend...I've been telling Liz I would do this for the past couple weeks and all I have so far is a basic idea. So this week I will do this!

  • Work on my checklist for Clay Carseat and stroller to the car, iron his coming home outfit, catch up on his scrapbook! That's all I have left on my list of things to do before he comes!

  • NO TEXTING/INTERNET WHILE DRIVING! I know, I know, it is a HORRIBLE habit! But I am going to quit! I recently realized how much I do this and since very soon I will be driving with some very precious cargo I need to be more attentive to the road!

Well, I'm getting down to the final days of my pregnancy so if I happen to miss a Monday it will be because I'm busy holding my sweet precious Clay Lucas!



Holly said...

Hope you have a gerat week and accomplish all of your goals. You are doing great. At 38 weeks pregnant, amazing!

Miss Molly said...

38 weeks and you can still paint your toes! That is awesome! I think you are doing fantastic with all the walking you are doing! I am 6 weeks and plan to stay as active as possible while I go with baby #3!!! Love to see another person making it happen while carrying child!

jldunlap said...


momrunnerblog said...

Oh my word girl! I loved the bump photo! Good luck with those toenails and the week to come!!! Take care of yourself!