Friday, October 12, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar

Pinterest. We've all been there (well, if you haven't, you should). Anyway, after hours of pinning I decided to take on this project:
Paint Chip Calendar

So I set out today and gathered my supplies


-frames- I'm doing one for this month, one for the next. I found these 11 3/4x15 3/4 frames for $9.99 each at Ikea but you could save money and use one you have around the house!
-fabric- I found these fat quarter squares at Walmart for .99 each! Again, you could use something you had around the house already.
-paint chips- Originally I was going to use individual chips and cut them to size but then I noticed these had seven colors on each- perfect!
-adhesive- I picked up this Peel n Stick tape at Walmart for $3.92. Honestly, regular double sided tape probably would work just as well.
-pen, paper, tape measure- you'll only need these items if you're anal like me and everything has to be spaced exactly.

-cover the back of the picture frame with fabric
-determine where you want to place the chips
-have a handsome co-crafter
-attach chips with your choice of adhesive
-put back on frame

Honestly, I kind of liked the way it looked like that but alas, I need a calendar so here's what it looks like now:

I'm very pleased with the way this turned out and can't wait to make more for gifts! Oh, the possibilities...different frame and fabric choices and so many paint chip choices!

I'll call my first Pinterest project a win!


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Mayzi said...

this is a great idea, I think I will put one together for my Red Hat girls for next year, as a door prize to bring in 2014. Great progject.