Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend in Review


Stick with me here...this is gonna be short and sweet because I'm lame and it's past my bedtime!

Starting top left going clockwise (err, maybe I forgot to do numbers too):

-Clay baby had toast with jelly for the first time. He though it was magical. Also, he plays with his ears all the time! How am I supposed to know when he actually has an ear infection??

-Sunburn. Ouch. This is why you wear sunscreen on 4.5 mile walks.

-Teething baby. Yuck.

-I love Sunday mornings in bed with this guy!

-8 minute arms. Look it up on YouTube. Also, you should follow The Hungry Runner Girl

-I finally made meatballs that I liked! Recipe to come later this week!

-Matt Damon or Matt Damon?

-With my library card I can get FREE digital issues of magazines delivered to my ipad. Sawheet!

-I took and edited pictures of this cutie pie last night.

If you sat through all that you deserve an award. So go make yourself a nice GRILLED peanut butter and jelly (or banana with honey). You're welcome.


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