Friday, July 26, 2013

Five things I'm loooving about this week...

1. My cousin sent me this link for crocheted baskets earlier this week and now I'm obsessed with making them. I will definitely be getting some twine at Michael's this weekend to try out more!

2. The kids were off from camp this week so we finally got to make our tie dye shirts!

3. Yes, I watched this. And got really excited when Prince William loaded up the babes himself then drove them away. It takes me back to those days when I was slightly in love with him.

4. Amy helped me get started on the koozies for Clay's party. 1/3 of the way done with 23 koozies. Yikes!

5. I made the kids brownies on Monday. I had to hide them from myself the kids. I think I ate enough "slivers" to equal about 5 brownies.

And since you've all been so good this week, here's a treat for you:

Ahh! He's too much. Really.


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Jennay said...

I love the baskets! They are awesome and anything that can hold stuff is def a plus for me! Your little guy is just adorable! Hope you have a great week...looking forward to following your blog! =)