Monday, December 9, 2013

I have a fish instead of a dog.

A couple of summers ago I wanted a chocolate lab so badly. I was going to name it Guinness Bailey (Irish Car Bomb, anyone?) and put cute green collars on it and spend all my extra money on it.

Instead, I got a beta fish. He's blue and green and his name is Guinness Bailey (Guinny for short).

I got pregnant three months later. I'm so glad I chose the fish. A baby and a puppy? No, thanks.

One time I dropped him on the counter when I was changing his water and didn't want to touch him so I used an envelope to pick him up and put him back in his bowl. I was shrieking the entire time and my roommate never came out of his room to see if I was okay. He said, "I thought if you were really hurt you would call my name." Men. Anyway, this all happened on March 16th. I call that a St. Patty's Day miracle! It happened well over 20 months ago and he's still swimming along.

[caption id="" width="500" align="aligncenter" caption="Uncle Michael. You don't want him around in a fish emergency."][/caption]

I made a deal with Clay (who cares if he's only 15 months and doesn't understand) that we could get a puppy when he's potty trained. He'll probably want to name it something stupid like Elmo. Sigh. I don't really care though. I have puppy fever.



Winter Benson said...

I've got 2 dogs and 2 cats and a 9 month old baby, and TRUST me when I say, you are much better off with the fish. It's hard to keep dogs well balanced (yes, I read all the Dog Whisperer books) while caring for a child, and it's going to be even harder when I go back to work. But, I do my best! Haha

I used to have a goldfish that developed a weird air bubble on his belly and it made him flip upside down and live that way. I think he lived for like 3 years (longer than I expected a 3$ goldfish to live!). His name was Loppy, for good reason.

edawkins said...

Typical Michael still. We are all so glad that Guinney survived that traumatic event. And Hooray for a puppy… come on Clay get potty-trained!! Ha!

Kelli said...

I have puppy fever too!!! I know we don't need another dog but I love labs and have wanted another one since I love my yellow lab right before Little K was born. I'm going to again!!

Courtney B said...

I must admit that I've never had puppy fever! My parents have 2 dogs so I know my kids will have their fun with dogs when we visit and I won't get stuck cleaning up the poop each day, ha ha!
But then again, it will be so fun to watch him play with his puppy! They will be best friends (whenever that day comes)!

Desiree said...

Let me preface this: I love dogs. BUT, they are SO MUCH WORK! I love our dog (he's a big ol' chocolate lab), but oh my gosh… We can't go anywhere without lining up care for him. Tacking toddler and a dog is exhausting. When we take the dog out I'm constantly battling which direction I need to go -- the dog wants to go one direction and M wants to go another. Love my dog, but after him we will not have another dog for a very long time.