Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Stories

Here are a few stories from our week:

I shared that we put the potty out for Clay a few weeks ago. At first he wouldn't go near it without Mike or I holding his hand. Now? He has to go talk to his potty a few times a day. He's actually just talking to the Cars characters on the back of the lid, but still, my kid is talking to his potty. He's a silly one and for that I will be forever thankful.

On Sunday it was a glorious 72 degrees so originally I had planned to take Clay to the playground. Then I came to my senses. Have you ever been to the playground on a random warm day in the winter? It.Is.Packed. So off we go to the greenway. Clay loved getting to walk like a big boy. He spent half of the walk trying to run, a quarter of it clapping (for the runners??), and the other quarter stopping to point out all of the doggies. He's also gotten strangely good at imitating different dog noises/barks (yapping and panting are his two favorites).

On Monday I got caught up on a few of my #snailmail365 cards (that might or might not be still in my purse)... It's safe to say that a) I love the color pink and b) I'm obsessed with Target. By the way, those Sharpie pens are the JAM. Yes, I just said jam.

I did it, I got my hair chopped off. It's not as short as I had wanted it (which honestly may be a good thing because I might have gone into shock if I had cut that much off at once) and it's kind of an awkward cut. Well, it's not awkward if I actually take the time to blow dry it but it's definitely not the kind of cut that you can just let air dry which means this girl is rocking a lot of pony tails.

Bahahahahaha. Liz recently gave me some clothes of Clay's back that I had given her for Carter to wear and I found this. Clay's first outfit ever! Clearly Clay has gotten much rounder and a lot longer. I'm sure his future girlfriends will appreciate this picture way more than he will...

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Anonymous said...

If I can't let my hair air dry I have a huge problem, I don't even own a blow dryer. Please don't take my girl card.

Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

You hair looks adorable! I can never let my hair air dry, it turns into a big old mess of frizz. haha

That last picture of Clay with the same clothes...too cute!

Mindy said...

Great pictures. I love the hair cut. I always let my hair air dry. If i blow dry it becomes a huge frizzy mess!

Katie @ said...

Hair looks great! And love that you guys had some great weather...but totally know what you mean about parks on those random days. Just stay away!

Trish said...

SHARPIE PENS. How are people using other pens? They're missing out and I am sad for them.

Desiree Macke said...

Time out. Time out! Sharpie has a pen? I know exactly what I'm going to hunt down tomorrow on our regular Target run. Speaking of Target - the One Spot for stationary? LOVE IT!
I also love your hair. CUTE!!
Lastly, that comparison pic of Clay in that little outfit - that must make it's way into graduation/wedding slideshows. :)