Saturday, March 29, 2014

The one where I get excited about cleaning products.

*not a sponsored post. i'm not that cool. yet.*


If you've known me for any length of time, you know that when I find a product/company I like, I will tell everybody who will listen about it. Target Red Card and Cartwheel? My friends are sick of hearing about it. GAP toddler jeans? I tell people who don't even have kids how great I think they are. TJ's Cowboy Bark? Just go buy it already.

I heard of a month or so ago but never really looked into it. Then I saw on IG (littlebitfunky - follow her!) where you could get all of these crazy discounts on epantry so off I went to see what this madness was about.

Guys. Do it.

See that? I got 7 (6 of them Mrs. Meyer's) products for $7.80. Go ahead. Pick your jaw up. I can't get two Mrs. Meyer's products at Target for that. Heck, I can't even get three up&up products for that price.
Here's how to do it:
-Click on this link: to get $10 off your first order (I get $10 too. Woot!)
-Type a joke into the help box in the lower left hand corner for $2 off.
-Use the promo code "iknowpeople" for $5 off.
-Refer people. I got $1 off for each person I referred by email (plus you get $10 if they sign up).
-I got free shipping on my first order but even if you don't, shipping is always $2.99. Say what???
*Also, $5 Starbucks emailed to the first person who gets what I referenced in the title of this post.*
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Jena Desjardins said...

You are referencing Friends, I think. All of their episodes are named "The One Where _______". :)

Liz said...

Ahh!! She beat me to it! Definitely Friends… Dang phone not letting me comment!

AmyLyn said...

I think this site is off the chain (yep I just went ghetto). I need to get my aunts on there so I can get lots of dollars off!

Trish said...

I will for SURE be checking that site out. Having a kid has made me really appreciate having stuff delivered right to me instead of having to drag us all out to the store for it :)

Desiree Macke said...

I'm off to check this out right now!!

Abby Cadabby said...

I'm obsessed with Mrs. Meyers and I think you've just fueled my obsession. :) Thanks for the heads up!

Katie @ said...

Haha I saw the title of this post and knew I had to comment that your reference wasn't lost on me. Damn if I would've seen that you can win a prize for that type of amazing knowledge? I would've been all over it sooner!! :)