Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homemade Baby Food

I kept going back and make Clay's baby food myself or not? I had known families who had and said it was super easy and families who had and said it was too much work for a working mom. Finally, I decided to do it. Armed with a bag of frozen peas and green beans from my grandparents' farm, I started and it was...easy. Like too easy. Haha. Basically I steamed the veggies, cooled them, blended them, poured them into ice cube trays, then transferred them to freezer bags.


I made over 30 servings for a little over $2 (the green beans were free so the only cost was for the peas).


I'm sure it will get a little more complicated once we get into mixing things and meats (!), but I'm determined to stick with it!

Questions you may have:

Why did you decide to make your own baby food?
It's better for Clay, it's cheaper, and no plastic or glass baby food containers being used. Win, win, win.

Why did you use frozen peas instead of fresh?
Frozen peas are much easier to deal with than fresh and are just as good nutritiously since they are frozen soon after they are picked.

Did you add any liquid to make the veggies easier to blend?
With the peas I had added a little of the water I had steamed them with but also ended up adding breast milk because they were so thick. I had already dumped the rest of the water or I would have used that. The green beans needed a very small amount of the water I used with them and they were good to go.

Those are all the questions I can think that you might have but if there are more please don't hesitate to ask!


Just a little cuteness for your day!


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