Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm baaaaaaack

Well, after taking several months off, I've decided to return to blogging and the weekly chase. Why was I gone so long? Well, because of this handsome little fella:


Ahh, and there's another reason I've been gone. I've been making hats for my etsy store. Although Clay is a very willing model now, I doubt he'll be up for trying on girl hats when he gets older.

Here's a quick run down of the highlights of the past few months:
-We moved to a new apartment (pictures to come once we are more settled).
-I'm back at work (so much harder than I imagined).
-I ran my first 5k (a blog to follow about this).
-We travelled to Tennessee twice (you haven't lived til you've travelled with an infant).
-Clay has had some weight gaining issues (hopefully the recent adjustments to his diet will help with this).
-I opened an etsy shop for my crochet goods (another post about this to come later).

I was going to include my yearly goals and the weekly chase in this post but I fear it is already getting long enough so I shall leave you with this for now.


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