Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly Chase

So I almost didn't post this week because again I failed miserably. However, I did have a few awesome things happen so I can't very well pretend the week never happened!

Road Runner Girl

Recap of last week:

1. Complete all of last week's goals.
I did a little better with reading this week, most nights I was in bed by 11, and I made a ton of baby food on Saturday thanks to Clay's dad washing up the dishes after! I didn't run because: Wednesday my friend Leah was in town, Friday we had ice, Sunday I was at the beginning of a stomach virus (I would rather go through labor again). I know, excuses, excuses.

2. Organize Clay's clothes.
At this point I'm excited that all of our clothes are clean.

3. Be a better running buddy.
Although I failed at the running part, I was good about helping Liz stay accountable with her diet and she lost 3.5 pounds. I am SO proud of her!!

4. Make a calendar and stick to it.
Let's see: stomach virus, baby, surprise visit from a friend, ice, baby, life.

5. Make a shopping list and stick to it.
Confession: it's been a week since I've been to Target. Not on purpose, purely accidental, but it still counts, right? Anyway, since my friend Leah was in town we ate out a couple of nights (cringes). Between those meals, leftovers, and not eating for two days I really didn't have a need to go grocery shopping this week which is even better!

On to this week's goals:

This is going to be a very short list because I'm still recovering from the stomach virus but here it is...

1. Rest
This may mean only walking this week but my body needs to heal.

2. Take a bubble bath
I'm serious about this resting thing.

3. Make skillet lasagna
I've had the ingredients to make this recipe for three weeks and can't wait to try it!

4. Spend at least an hour working on my maternity scrapbook for Clay and his baby book!
I only have to finish the last two weeks in my pregnancy. I can't wait to have it completed!

5. Decide which photos I want to print out to frame.
In our new hallway I want to do a collage of Clay's newborn portraits and in Clay's room I am going to do a collage of family photos so Clay can see them everyday and learn their faces! I am very excited about this!

As always, good luck to all of my fellow chasers!



Liz said...

You've got this!! Make sure that you get plenty of rest because next week running resumes... and it's time to make some things happen before those 5ks we've got coming up!

Make sure you post that lasagna recipe once you have it made. Sounds delicious!

Miss MollyMolly Ritterbeck said...

How was your bubble bath? If you have not done it yet - DO IT!!! You deserve it!

jldunlap said...

Unfortunately, it still hasn't happened :( I'm hoping for tomorrow night!