Friday, October 4, 2013

The Friday Roundup

This week has been a little crazy but also pretty stinking amazing.

Let's start with this text from my dad:

Woohoo! No more breathing tube for my little brother and he got moved to a regular room today!

This isn't the first picture I've posted of my little pumpkin butt sleeping and it certainly won't be the last. I missed out on bedtime one night and wanted to wake him up when I got home to snuggle but then I remembered how hyper boy is when he wakes up... Err, never mind, we can snuggle in the morning.

Thursday was picture day so naturally Clay wanted to wear his new outfit that Aunt Amy got him from GAP. And naturally he started busting out poses so I could take his picture with my crappy droid camera (this might be the only reason I want an iPhone).

Isn't my city pretty? I'm so in love with Charlotte (except during the fall when I want to cheat on it with the mountains).

New shoes? Yes, please! Target never lets me down.


And those are only half of the happies that happened this week. So yeah, pretty bomb diggity week.

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