Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Review

You know, I plan on writing a weekend update every week. This is the first time it has happened. Go me!


My weekend started with a little babysitting. Yes, I still babysit. Why? Because the kids go to bed within 30 minutes of me getting here and then I do this the rest of the night:

Little man stays with daddy-o so this is like getting paid to go on vacation for a few hours. Yesssssssssss!


I clearly lost my mind and agreed to go to the Renaissance Festival with one of my best friends since his girlfriend was out of town.

People watching. Laughing my butt off. Turkey legs. Beer.


When can I go back??

I got super sunburned because WHY IS IT 89 DEGREES IN OCTOBER?!?! But overall I had a blast and I'll definitely be going back with Clay on a much cooler day.


Little man must have been in an extremely gracious mood because after he drank his milk at seven, he slept til ten! Gasp!

After a quick brunch this is what we did:

...all day long. Football and Pjs. It was wonderful!

After Clay went to bed, I finally made this fall garland that's been on my to do list forever and had Italian food and yummy wine with Amy.

Then someone decided he needed to have a party with mom and Aunt Amy at midnight...

Aaaaand I won my fantasy game yesterday! No thanks to you, Cam Newton.

Did anybody else feel like this weekend was way too short?



Kelli said...

All weekends are to short and maybe you should just bench Cam, he hasn't impressed me this season at all.

edawkins said...

I've lived in Charlotte for almost 6 years and never made it to the renaissance festival. I think that needs to change next year!

jldunlap said...