Monday, October 28, 2013


So about that one time where I was sick forever and fell off the face of the blogging world...

We are finally on the mend which means there was plenty of picture taking happening in our little world this weekend.

Friday I had to work late so Clay was at dada's and mama hightailed it to the Teeter as soon as I was off to stock up on NyQuil. I then proceeded to sleep til noon on Saturday. Hallelujah!

On Saturday I picked little man up from grandma's and we headed to Target and Trader Joe's just searching for shenanigans to be had. As usual, Clay flirted with every woman who looked twice at him and had to say hi to everybody. Everybody. And then there was the dancing in Trader Joe's. And Clay trying to take a bite out of a gourd. Yes, that's my kid.

Sunday was full of cleaning, football/napping, and wreath making happiness.

And then it was Monday and we both woke up crying.


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Kelli said...

M daughter says HI to everyone too, it wouldn't be so bad except she has a knack of picking up weird drunk ladies who then won't stop talking.