Monday, February 24, 2014

10 things.

  1. We finally got to go see my family for the first time since Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot, snow. Anyway, it was the craziest 36 hour trip ever and you'll get to hear all about it later this week. Lucky you :)
  2. I started reading Hands Free Mama. That's also a post for another day. Hmm...maybe this will be a list of ten things I'm going to blog about soon...
  3. Today I had Clay in the bathroom without a diaper on while I was waiting for the water to warm up and he kept pointing at his potty. I proceed to have (what I thought was) a brilliant idea and say, "go potty, Clay," thinking he would at least go over and sit on the potty. Oh, he went potty all right. All over my feet and the floor. Jessica, you idiot, next time, SIT him on the potty before you say that.
  4. I'm pretty dang sad that the Olympics are over... like I can't realy talk about it yet. Also, the Olympics are 95% of the reason I was absent around these parts last week. Definitely a post coming on that.
  5. Last week I learned how to rescue an earring that I had dropped down the drain. I felt like Wonder Woman. I'm sure everyone who saw my Instagram feed of the saga was like, "duh, you idiot, how did you not know how to do that at 28 years old?"
  6. We have so many sweets (namely Reese's trees & hearts) that I'm going to start hiding them away from myself. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. I did this when I was pregnant and made ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies last over nine months.
  7. Scandal and Grey's Anatomy come back on this Thursday. I. Cannot. Wait.
  8. We have our air conditioning on tonight. It's 49 degrees but our neighbors downstairs like to keep the heat cranked up and my little man sweats like nobody's business in his sleep. Ridiculousness.
  9. I've recently become addicted to Earl Grey tea. Try it iced with a splash of vanilla syrup. You are welcome.
  10. I've tried planning out my posts for this blog. You know what, I'm not good at that. There are a few posts that I want to write and get scheduled but for the most part, I like just flying by the seat of my pants. Also, where did that expression come from? Does it even really make sense?

On that note, it's time for me to go! See you tomorrow!


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Katie @ said...

Love #3 - that is definitely something I would've done for sure...can't blame the poor kiddo. He was just doing what mama told him to do!

And Grey's is back this week?? Woo hoo!

Desiree Macke said...

Yep, I've made the same mistake when saying "go potty." Whoops.
Let's not even talk about the Olympics being over. Good thing Grey's is back! :)

Desiree Macke said...

One more thing:
I always pretend to try and plan out my posts. Key word, PRETEND. Nine times out of 10 my posts are written the night before they go live, sometimes even the morning of.

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Oh adventures in potty training, he'll pee on your feet even after he's potty trained this I have learned. *sigh*