Wednesday, February 5, 2014


One of my favorite little things that I do with Clay every weekend is to eat with him at his table. During the week life is crazy. From the minute we hit the door in the evening we don't slow down and I usually eat after Clay goes to bed.

Meal times on the weekends are our time.


Sometimes we have donuts after.


Sometimes we move the party to the living room and have a picnic while we watch football.


Sometimes we eat breakfast for dinner.


Most of the time we are still in jammies.


Sometimes Clay eats naked.


Sometimes (a lot of times) chocolate chips are involved.


Sometimes Clay licks his plate clean on the way to the sink. Yes, he takes his plate to the sink :)


And just because, here's a picture on Clay the first time he sat at his table :)


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Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Little K has moved to the big people table, the little Dora table was getting way to small.

Kelli Gilbert said...

"sometimes clay eats naked" hahaha!! so funny! I just love this post!

Desiree Macke said...

What a cute little post.
Mornings and afternoons are kind of a free-for-all when it comes to when and where we eat. But, we try really hard to make it a point to eat dinner together at the table.

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Visiting from the link up. Cute photos. Where is table and chairs from?

Jen {Pinch Me} said...

We frequently eat breakfast for dinner and I LOVE the licking of the plate! Cute!!

Katie @ said...

Just love this. Eating and spending time with kiddos in any way is just the best! And I love that you have trained little man to bring his plate to the sink! Good work mama!

Tiny Runway said...

Breakfast for dinner...I love it! You now have one more follower :)

Jess Temple said...

This is so great! Totally made me smile! I love the picnic in the living room...I'm totally stealing that idea! Also glad to hear that we're not the only ones who usually have chocolate worked into every meal ;-)
Thanks so much for linking up with us!