Friday, March 1, 2013

High Five for Friday!

So I've been a major slacker this week with posting but bear with me! Fun recipes and training updates are coming your way soon!

Today I'm linking up with Lauren @ from my grey desk for High Five for Friday!


So, I would like to apologize (but not really) for the fact that I'm turning this into High Fifteen for Friday but my kid is too cute!!!


1. Tea. I've been obsessed lately.
2. I finally finished another scarf! Hopefully I can get my etsy store stocked!
3. Ezra. Pretty Little Liars binge. Don't judge.
4. I finally hung up my cute key holder from Kenya. Now I just have to remember to hang my keys on it...
5. Finding Christmas presents I forgot to give= awesome! Haha.



Happy six month birthday, Clay Lucas!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


1 comment:

e said...

You do have a pretty cute kid! He makes me happy.