Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five for Friday



Today I'm linking up with Lauren @ from my grey desk for High Five for Friday!



1. Throwback photo of the cousin and me from Easter a million years ago.

2. New flats from Target. I'm obsessed.

3. New Essie polish. I think the color is called turquoise and caicos. Please don't judge if it's not :/ This is the first time I've ever used Essie and I LOVE IT.

4. So maybe I've become a little obsessed with tea. Not really a good obsession to have when you're already hooked on coffee and still breastfeeding and therefore have to limit caffeine intake :(

5. This is how much stuff I have to leave home with everyday. Plus Clay baby. Ridiculous.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the Clay edition of H54F!


I know, I know. He's adorable. In the last week we:
Started teething
Had yogurt & scrambled eggs with cheese for the first time
Started working with the sippy cup
Had shots :/
Said "mama" and "dada."

In other words it's been a big week so we're so glad it's Friday (see above photo).

Happy weekend!


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