Sunday, April 7, 2013

High Five for Friday...a little late

The past two weeks have been crazy busy which is why I'm a little late posting this. I had the best of intentions- I got my collage all ready to go on Friday then it just didnt happen.

Here we go...

I'm linking up with Lauren @ from my grey desk for High Five for Friday!



1. Umm, yes, this was at Walmart. Another reason to just stay away.

2. I got my car fixed fo free! My amazing grandfather and wonderful uncle fixed my breaks and radiator hose...a job that the silly shop quoted me $620+ to do. This is a huge blessing and MAJOR high five!

3. The Band Perry. My new obsession. Go check them out now!!

4. Liz and me picking up our race packets and I finally got contacts again!

5. My new friends, Bennie and Molly Malone.

And just because I know the only reason you visited was for the cuteness of my son, here's H54F Clay edition:


Bahahahahaha. You moost be joking. Gosh, I'm going to pass my cheesy sense of humor on to Clay at this rate. Also, Clay is just a teensy bit impatient when waiting for more food... He gets like his mom when he's hungry.

I hope you've had a great weekend!


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hollie said...

Ewwwwwy. That pickled egg is a color that is not found in nature. In contrast-- your little boy is adorable! :)