Monday, April 15, 2013

This Weekend and the Weekly Chase

I was super productive this weekend and I'm not really sure where it came from but I'm grateful!

On Saturday I actually planned out meals for the next two weeks:


Then went to Target with my little helper and attempted to shop for the next two weeks:


And on Sunday I made these:

Dark chocolate Guinness cookies...recipe coming soon!

So this weekend was pretty awesome.

Now on to the chase!

Road Runner Girl

The challenge goal this month was to pick an area of your life that you wanted to grow in and work on it. This month I decided to work on being healthier person- inside and out! All of my goals this month have been related to that and pretty similar each week. Let's see how I did!

Read the books on nutrition when I pick them up.
I just picked up the books yesterday but I read the intro to one last night!

Work on a shopping list & go this weekend.
I want to go through the recipes I want to make and go shopping this weekend for food to last til the end of the month. Obviously I'll still have to make weekly trips for produce but I'm hoping this helps!
Done! The only things I'll have to buy each with are smoothie supplies!

Work on my 20 mile goal.
I ran three times...unfortunately they were all in the 3/4-1 1/2 mile range; but I still did it!

Me time
Done! I took a bubble bath one night and spent some time reading this week- just reading! Not reading at swim lessons or reading while pumping!

This week I'm going to stick to the same(ish) goals:

Read three chapters in the nutrition book I picked up.

Stick to my meal plan and make sure I'm drinking enough water!

Work on my 20 mile goal!

Me time AND Clay time.

Have a great week and good luck to my fellow chasers!


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Mindy @ Road Runner Girl said...

Great job Jess!!! I'm glad you got some time for just you last week! And I am so jealous of your two week meal plan!!! Way to go!!!