Tuesday, January 7, 2014

16 Months!

What?? I remembered to do two monthly updates in a row? Pat on the back to me.

First off, stop growing up so fast, Clay Lucas.

Now, a few notes:

*We've gotten so many comments this month on how happy and mellow and funny Clay is. They told us in the operating room that they waited a few minutes to put him under because he wouldn't stop giggling and they loved it. High five, Mike. We made an awesome kid. ***Have I told you all about my fear during pregnancy that my kid wouldn't be funny? True story.***

*At Clay's 15 month well check he was able to do everything on the developmental questionnaire. Also, he has a big head which the doctor says = big brains. This kid is going to be smarter than me by three. That scares me. Haha.

*This past month was filled with lots of sickness for my pumpkin butt. Fevers, his seventh (!) ear infection, and most recently, bronchitis. After the ear infection we finally got the long awaited referral to the ENT and Clay had tubes put in less than two weeks later. He has even gotten to test out the new tubes with this latest illness- all clear!


Clay's favorite toys are... Anything with wheels, all of his stuffed animals, his new kitchen.

Clay's favorite foods are chocolate. Haha, well, he eats everything (for real), but he loves chocolate. On the weekends I make pumpkin pancakes with dark chocolate chips and the boy can't get enough of them! I also give him 1 or 2 chips as "dessert" occasionally.

Clay's clothing size is... Anywhere from 12 months to 2T.

Clay's newest "tricks" are taking his plate to the sink (and once he stood in front of the dishwasher with his plate, pointed at it til I opened it, then put his plate in- future husband of the year to some lucky gal!), opening doors (yikes), loving on his "friends" (stuffed animals) and every body else.

Clay weight and height are: 24 and 31ish? Does that sound right? Haha. We go for a checkup next month.

Clay's vocabulary consists of: so.many.words. His most recent exciting additions are "grandma" and "oh baby" (said to pictures of himself).

Clay loves eating, being at grandma's and dada's, pulling mama's hair, music and dancing, talking on the phone, facetiming, watching football, reading, giving hugs and kisses, being in public, smiling, and getting into mischief.

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WinterBenson said...

So cute! Time goes way too fast!


Desiree Macke said...

Happy 16 months little man! Time certainly flies right by.
Can Clay please teach Marcus a thing or two about eating foods other than mac n cheese, and saying grandma (both grandmas are dying for him to utter that word).

Krystal Butherus said...

He is growing so big! Thanks for sharing on Time For Mom last week! Hope to see you again!

AmyLyn said...

Shouldn't that say "pulling out mama's hair??"