Monday, January 20, 2014

Ingredients for a Nice Relaxing Weekend

  • Friday morning playtime on mom's bed.
  • A fun night of babysitting while the bebe was at Dada's. One that included a four course meal with filet mignon and my favorite kiddos.


  • A trip to Trader Joe's with the most nosy child ever. At one point he was leaning completely over the side trying to stare at someone.


  • Snuggles in the nest chair.


  • A new friend found on the aisles of Target.


  • Finally taking down the Christmas tree. I'll miss you!


  • Crazy post bath hair.


  • A mug from the 80s. Also, no makeup.


  • Wanting to put our new friend Peyton in the crib with the other nine friends Clay has in there...


  • Monday morning bye hugs and kisses for Peyton (so maybe we I got a little excited about the win and named Clay's new friend Peyton).


And there you have it. All the ingredients for a nice relaxing weekend.


What was your favorite part about this weekend?


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Trish said...

I approve of the name! I also like to think that Tom Brady is still in the fetal position crying in the locker room shower.

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Ahhh Trader Joe's another place they don't have at the beach. It's a good thing they have an Ocean otherwise there'd be no point in staying here!

I hemmed Little K's karate uniform and sewed on patches. You really need snapchat so I can share those things with you even if I don't share the on my blog!

Katie @ said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Love trips to Target and loud, fun kiddos! Or stares...stares are good too =)

Desiree Macke said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! The nest chair looks like it was made for snuggling!!

AmyLyn said...

Did you know that Kate's shoe size is almost the size of mine?! Also, you may need to invest in a second crib... for your child to sleep in since his animals are taking over!