Monday, January 13, 2014

365 Snail Mail

If you follow me on Instagram or stopped by the blog last Friday, you probably saw this:

The idea for this project all started with my Mammaw (that's my grandma for you non-southern friends). You see, every week since I left for college in August of 2003 (minus the two years that I spent back at home), she's mailed me a letter or card. Every week I know that I'm going to have at least one piece of happy mail in there (as a bonus she mails me coupons for products she knows I use). I'm fairly certain that she is the sole reason that the post office is still in business.

Her letters are full of the everyday: errands ran, vegetables canned, who came to Sunday dinner and what they ate. It may not seem like much, but these letters mean the world to me. Once a week, my grandmother sits down and thinks of me. She takes the time to tell me all about the happenings in Strawberry Plains and comments on how big Clay looks in the pictures I send.

I don't respond nearly enough or send as many cards as I would like so when I was writing down my wishes for 2014, I decided one would be to write more letters/cards. Then I got all sorts of crazy and thought, "what if I send a piece of snail mail everyday this year?"

So, my friends, that is exactly what I'm doing. Well, sorta. I'm sending 365 pieces, but not neccessarily one a day. Some may be thank you cards, one might be a care package, some might just be a complete run down of everything I ate that day (kidding...maybe). There will definitely be people repeated. I mean, who knows 365 different people they can send snail mail to?

Like it says up there in my IG caption, if I don't have your address, send it to me! I would love to send you a piece of snail mail! And Kelli can vouch that I'm not some crazy stalker person. I've had her address for months and haven't shown up on her front steps and she lives at the beach, guys. If I was going to show up on anybody's steps, it would be her's.

So...who wants to join me? Haha, I know it's a little crazy, but if you decide you want to join in this happiness, share on IG with the hashtag 365snailmail. Or be all crazy and break the rules and just send one a week and use #52snailmail!

And definitely don't forget to come back tomorrow for what could possibly be my favorite post of 2014 (and yours too if you love peanut butter)!

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Trish said...

I love this idea! I'm all about the convenience of e-mail and instant messaging and Facebook, but NOTHING beats getting real mail.

Alisha said...

Such a great idea, and such a cute reason behind what you are doing!! Love it! I want to join in for sure! I don't know if I am ambitious enough for 365 - maybe I should start with 52, like your Mammaw sends to you! :)

AmyLyn said...

I know that mammaw description was just for me. Also I appreciate snail mail written by your 16 month old. He's got really great handwriting and Stella loves him too (even though they haven't spent much time together)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Little K would be so HAPPY if you and Clay just showed up!!! She loves friends. :)

Desiree Macke said...

This is such a great project! And, seriously, how sweet is your Grandma?!
When I was in college, and a few years after I graduated, I would occasionally write to my great-aunts. In speaking with my dad, he told me how much it meant to them. Sadly, I got out of the habit to write them, but this has inspired me to start up again!